Who We Are



With its new generation communication model, Global Connection is linking countries and cultures. It is actively supporting many countries with regard to their international trade, as well as their influence and power in the business world, forming partnerships with the most influential media organizations. It is publishing newspapers and magazines in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France and Russia, featuring in the most visited web portals, broadcasting advertisements on television channels in accordance with its new generation communications model.


Global Connection provides assistance to countries and companies with regard to international trade, tourism and publicity, strengthening their perception in the markets where they operate.


It is publishing newspapers with Germany's most important media organ Die Welt and Welt Kompakt; with The Daily Telegraph, which has been published since 1855 and represents one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world; with Kommersant and Komsomolskaya Pravda which are two of the most widely read newspapers in Russia; with Gulf News, Al Ittihad and The National which are the top newspapers of not just the United Arab Emirates, but the whole gulf region; and with Le Figaro and Le Monde, which are among the most eminent newspapers in France and Europe.


Continuing its endeavors in publishing, Global Connection is also working on making new deals in Europe, the Far East and America.



GLOBAL CONNECTION provides support in strategic planning and communications to public entreprises, semi-public institutions, non-governmental institutions, business agencies, and private equity firms which operate in foreign trade and international business.