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Global Connection Media SA cooperates with the visionary prestigious film production companies in the world to represent and connect them with other countries by actively running international sales and marketing activities of the projects and productions of the respresented production companies.

Global Connection Media SA supports intercultural and international relations by film productions and coproductions in addition to special media projects in the world.
Maya Productions
Maya Productions Ltd. is an international film and television production company based in Istanbul. Besides producing and co-producing several television series, soap operas, movies and tv commercials, Maya Productions Ltd. is also the owner of the largest movie studios in Turkey – Maya Productions Ltd. Kocaeli Studios.
IRMA Best Conection
IRMA Best Connection is a fully integrated agency. The company develops cross-media marketing and PR strategies, makes TV spots and online advertisements both in Russia and international. Moreover, the company arranges and holds negotiations and events, workshops and conferences characterized by any complexity profile both in and outside Russia.