Let us come together and write powerful stories, combine our small budgets to increase our resources and produce high-quality projects.

It is crystal clear for any TV and cinema professional that the local VOD platforms globally are having a very hard time competing with the fast-growing international platforms.

Having astronomical budgets, the ‘giant’ international VOD platforms are increasing their subscribers by producing a great variety of high-quality content.

While this threatening snowball turning rapidly into an avalanche and coming down on us, what are we going to do to stay afloat, to breathe and to survive?

We need to combine our forces.

The Multicultural Creative Coproduction business model (The MCC®), set and led by GC Media Group, proposes a global partnership model among the esteemed production companies all around the world.

Thanks to the DNA of Turkish series watched by over one billion people around the world in 2018, GC Intercultural ProductionsSo, let brings international production companies together to produce high-quality work at its immense SEKA Deep Dreams Film Sets in Turkey.

In return for our comparatively smaller budgets, The MCC® partnership promises to provide its partners with high-quality productions to race with those of the ‘giants’.

Let’s Unite and Challenge!