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In conformity with its global vision and to complete its mission, Global Connection is building strategic partnerships with leading media organizations of the world relying on special agreements.

The holding, which is active in 36 countries around the world, is among the leading media holdings of Europe, with its digital, printed, and visual media.
Abu Dhabi Media
Embodying more than 25 brands which broadcast via printed, visual and internet media, it is one of the fastest growing media companies in the Middle East
Russian publication group responsible for Forbes and OK! Magazine
Agora SA
Agora is one of the largest media companies in Poland listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1999. Its media offer includes newspapers, out-of-home advertising, network of cinemas, Internet and radio operations, magazines and sales of book collections.
Al Jazirah Corp
Al-Jazirah Corporation is the leading Newspaper and Magazine publisher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1960.
Figaro Medias
Comprised of many prestigious media brands, and reaching on average 30 million people (which amounts to ` of France), Le Figaro Newspaper publication group
Groupe Artemis
Since 1992, Groupe Artémis holds interest in various sectors such as winery, auctions and printed media.
Groupe Les Echos
Groupe Les Echos has publishings in various segments such as economics, art &culture and business services.
M Publicite
The French Le Monde Newspaper publication group. With its more than ten brands, it is one of the leading companies in news media in France.
Fazit- Stiftung
On the terms of readership, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is the second biggest newspaper in Germany.
With over 500 magazines and digital offerings in more than 20 countries, Gruner + Jahr is one of Europe’s biggest magazine publishers.
Ringier AG
Switzerland based international media group which operates in publishing, e-commerance and entertainment sectors in 15 countries at 3 continents
Ringier AG
Switzerland based international media group which operates in publishing, e-commerance and entertainment sectors in 15 countries at 3 continents
News UK
A subsidiary of American News Corp., News UK publishes The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. Founded in 1981
TF1 Group
Founded in 1987, TF1 Group is a grand media company which also own TF1, the most popular television channel in France.
NXTV (NextRadioTV)
Established in 2000, NXTV has the ownership of two media brands: BFM TV and RMC Radio.
Mediaset Group
Founded in 1970, the mass media company Mediaset Group is the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy.
SKY Italia
A digital satellite television platform, owned by British Sky Plc.
RTL Group
Including 59 television and 31 radio stations, RTL Group is one of the biggest media & entertainment companies in Europe. The group has TV and radio stations in countries such as Germany, France, Hungary, Croatia and Netherlands.
Bloomberg L.P.
Since 1929 , interprets forecast and gathers information from the business world for its readers.
The New York Times Company
Publishing the local and the international versions of the New York Times newspaper, company also has interests in various US-based media brands.
Hubert Burda Media
Hubert Burda Media (often abbreviated as simply "Burda") is a German privately held, family-owned global media company with its origins in printing and magazine publishing. It is among Europe's largest publishers and leading consumer-internet companies.
RBC Group
Also owning a business information agency, Ros Business Consulting; RBC Group publishes business information in various mediums such as printed media, digital media and TV since 1993.
GN Publishing
It is a leading media group that broadcasts not only in United Arab Emirates, but also in the whole GCC region.
Vechernyaya Moskva Media Group
Publishing group that incorporates Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper and news portal.
Dennis Publishing
Started as a computer magazine Publisher, Dennis publishing is an independent publisher which now produces a wide variety of printed media in the UK.
The Economist Group
As a London based company, The Economist Group specializes in business information and printed media.
DMG Media
A global consumer media corporation, DMG Media publishes tabloid newspapers and websites in UK.
Leading media holding in Italy that has been established since 1955. It operates in all sectors of communication, from dailies and periodicals to radio, the Internet and advertising.
Mondadori Group
Mondadori is the largest Publisher in Italy. Founded in 1907, the Publisher has interest in various mediums such as boks, magazines, radio stations, newspaper and advertisement.
Kommersant Holding
The media group that incorporates Russia's most influential and prestigious business newspaper KOMMERSANT and its affiliate media.
The Telegraph Media Group
One of the most prestigious media groups in the World, based in the United Kingdom
Dow Jones
News Corporation owned company provides financial information to the whole world since it has been established in 1882 in New York.
Ringier Axel Springer
Ringier Axel Springer Media AG is a leading integrated multimedia company in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is a joint venture between Swiss Ringier AG and German Axel Springer SE
Argumenti-I Fakti P.H.
Publishing house of Argumenti-I Fakti. The newspaper has been published since 1978 and it is known for its quirky style. It entered the Guinness World Records Book as 'The largest circulation of any weekly publication' in 1990 and it is still the holder of this record. (33.431.100 copies)
The international trend-setting media group of Switzerland
Ukranian Media Holding
UMH is a dynamic multimedia company in Eastern Europe that controls over 50 media brands. In Ukraine UMH is leader on markets of Internet, radio and press
Zeit Verlagsgruppe
Zeit Publishing House has been established at 1996, since then it is one of the biggest publishing house of Germany
The Russian state television and radio company which is comprised of Russia’s most watched television channels and radio stations
Galadari Printing & Publishing
One of the leading commercial printing and publishing company in the Middle East which is operating at 6 countries
HT Media
The leading media group of India that has been the voice of the nation through its birth and adolescence.
Burda International Polska
Publishing Burda and Mój Piekny Ogrod magazines, Hubert Burda Media penetrated Polish market in 1989. Today it continues its activities with 50 magazines, 20 internet platforms, publishing and TV programmes.
Burda International Romania
Hubert Burda Media penetrated Romanian market in 1989. Today it is one of the biggest publishers in the country embodying more than 40 brands.
Kapital P.H.
The publication group which owns Kapital newspaper and internet portal
Gazprom Media
One of Europe’s and Russia’s largest media conglomerates
International publishing group based in Washington, New York and Brussels, with a focus on politics.
Isker Media
Publisher "Isker media"" - known and ambitious company, which is one of the largest on the market of Kazakhstan in the field of print media."
Gastronom P.H.
The publication group which owns Gastronom, Women's Secrets magazines and their websites in Russia
Zdorovie P.H.
Publication group which owns Zdorovie Magazine and website at Russia
CPI Financial
Supplying their readers through various platforms such as magazines, e-newsletters and events, CPI Financial is a Dubai- based company.
RCS Media Group
Italy's world renowed and most regarded newspaper.
Dar Al Khaleej
Al Khaleej is one of the most popular newspaper in Arabic language. Especially after 1990, with the coming of new printing equipment, the newspaper broadened its reader base.